Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is is a no-fee and no-commission one-stop honeymoon tour registry for your friends and relatives to contribute towards your dream honeymoon, be it in Paris, the Caribbean islands, or somewhere exotic in Bali. Our honeymoon vacation experts have specially designed honeymoon trips to domestic and international destinations of your choice that are just for the two of you. And that can include airfares, select meals, sightseeing and other activities – all without the hassle of your own planning. Just sign up, enjoy your wedding and leave for the airport for your honeymoon.

  • What are the benefits of over other funding platforms?

Many purported honeymoon registries are just cash crowd funding platforms. You still need to do all the work to plan for every minute details for your honeymoon – from selecting flights, hotels, sightseeing, meals, guide services, etc. And all these will have to be well-coordinated by you in the midst of your one-thousand-and-one things to do and prepare for your wedding event. Other crowd funding platforms are unlike us, they are not your tour planners. They are just middlemen to route you to buy from different travel component suppliers at some earned-commission basis. Moreover, unlike other platforms, we do not charge you or your donors any commission for the amounts received through One hundred percent of all funds gathered will contribute towards your honeymoon.

  • Are the honeymoon tours exclusive just for the two of us, or are they with groups?

Our honeymoon tour specialists craft our every honeymoon trip offered on an individual basis just for you and your partner. Still, there can be affordable options to join in group programs if you so desire to mix with travelers with the same passion or make new friends.

  • How do I use the funds gathered?

You will receive 100 percent of the amount contributed from your friends and relatives that will be designated to a specific honeymoon trip of your choice with no fees for you or your well-wishers. Once your honeymoon is fully funded, your trip with all reservations that may include pre-specified airfares, hotels, sightseeing tours, meals, and other arrangements will be automatically booked and confirmed without your intervention. All you need to do is to leave for the airport as scheduled.

  • Can my fund balance be cashed out?

Your account is strictly for the purchase of your honeymoon trip planned with us. It can only be utilized to pay for the specific honeymoon trip that you have selected during the account setup process. No cash out is possible except when cancellation is made with a cancellation penalty.

  • Does my fund balance expire?

Your fund balance will not expire. It can be rolled over one time to a different honeymoon departure date as long as a 60-day advance notice is met.

  • Can I change my mind on the honeymoon tour and choose another trip?

We do not encourage you to voluntarily change your honeymoon selection once you start your crowdfunding process for it. It would not be fair for your donors. Therefore, it will be vital that you select your honeymoon destination carefully. However, in extraordinary circumstances, you may find it inevitable to change to a different  honeymoon destination or package before your departure date. A change can be accommodated one time by contacting us at least  60-day in advance before the departure date or before the crowdfunding period ends. In such an instance, small administrative charge shall apply.

  • How will I know which honeymoon trip to choose?

Our honeymoon trip specialists have already designed a collection of honeymoon vacations based on your preferences and budget. Your easy-to-use honeymoon planner shall guide you and assist you to meet your funding target every step of the way towards your departure date.

  • Is there a fee?

There is no fee for using to fund for your honeymoon trips we provide.

  • Can I disable the funding option at any time?

Yes, you may disable your funding option at any time from your own logged-in dashboard.

  • How can my friends and relatives contribute into my honeymoon tour?

Contribution towards your all-inclusive honeymoon trip is as simple as providing your friends and relatives with an invitation that will include a crowdfunding page  link to your account. Our simple step-by-step setup process will make sure that all your potential contributors will be informed once you have completed your honeymoon trip selection. Alternatively or in addition, you may select to copy your honeymoon funding page’s URL onto your own wedding web page on another platform to let your guests, friends and relatives know about your this honeymoon registry funding page created with us. You can also predesignate a set of contribution amounts so that you can easily meet your funding target. Your contributors will pay for your honeymoon with any major debit or credit card or through PayPal without fees!

  • How much does it cost?

Normal use of registry to help you fund your honeymoon trip is completely free!

  • Is my account just for honeymoon tours?

Yes it is! We will make sure that you only fund for dedicated all-inclusive honeymoon tours sold and/or operated by us and without hassle.

  • Is my account safe and secure for me and my contributors?

Rest be assured that all personal information and contributions gathered are safe and secure. Your fund balance will be your credit amount for the purchase of your pre-selected honeymoon tour for you and your partner with us.’ secure servers keep your private information safe, and personal information is never sold, rented or shared.

  • How do I book my travel?

All you need is to plan for your travel dates, select your honeymoon trip, and leave all the finer details of bookings with us. Your honeymoon is considered as booked the moment trip funding is met.

  • Can I have other gift registries and

Yes you may. But we do not see the reason for signing up with other merchandise gift registries as this may dilute contributions to your once-in-a-lifetime memorable honeymoon vacation versus merchandise that is always replaceable or you may already have.

  • What are the different payment options for my contributors towards my honeymoon tour? allows the flexibility for your friends and relatives to contribute with their debit or credit cards, and through payment systems such as PayPal.

  • What if we don’t receive enough funds towards my selected honeymoon trip?

If there is inadequate funding to cover a pre-selected honeymoon trip at least 60 days before the scheduled departure date, you may opt for another more affordable honeymoon trip that may fit your funding balance. Alternatively, you may pay any outstanding balance in full yourself to make your most desired honeymoon a reality.

  • Is this really all free?

Yes! Normal use of registry to help you fund your honeymoon tour is completely free! We are the only real honeymoon registry that do not take a cut into your honeymoon fund donations—neither percentage fee from the total fund that you have gathered nor commissions of donations charged to your donors. We do not subsidize our registry site with ads or find ways and means to charge you extras for fund given to you or upgraded usages.

  • If I wish to cancel my honeymoon trip while there is a fund balance collected in my account, what are the penalties involved?

After you have registered your details, selected your honeymoon trip from our collection of trips we offer, and have been receiving contributions into your account from your donors for the honeymoon trip, your crowdfunding campaign is deemed to be active and in progress. Should you decide to cancel your account and withdraw the fund in your account for whatever reasons, there will be a fee assessed against your available fund based on the proximity of cancellation period  against the selected travel date.

  • Who started is a honeymoon registry started by a group of like-minded travel professionals in a long-established travel company whom have combined decades of travel industry experience in packaging and selling individual, group and customized travel itineraries to different parts of the world. The travel company is a leisure tour operator that facilitates travel for more than twenty thousand guests globally each year. Headquartered and registered in Los Angeles, California, the company also have affiliated offices in Canada and Australia. The company has preferred contractual rates with many international airlines and quality hotels around the world that can supply the best quality and value in all tour arrangements.