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Our Honeymoon Programs

Do you know that it may only take 26 guests, friends and relatives to fully fund your honeymoon trip to an exotic destination like Bali with airfares for two included?

Crowdfunding your honeymoon with your own honeymoon registry instead of a wedding registry can be a very viable and attractive way to pay very little or nothing at all for a trip of your lifetime. Here is our growing list of honeymoon destinations all pre-packaged for you and your spouse. And check out our Funding Barometer on how many contributing donors you may likely need to make you dream honeymoon happen without you paying a dime.

Rated as the best honeymoon destination in the world!
Bali island in Indonesia can be your paradise on Earth with pristine beaches, friendly people and an exotic culture.
Our exclusive package with a 5-star beach hotel includes unparalleled perks such as a romantic dinner on the beach, welcome fruit basket, a romantic flower bed décor, sightseeing and free access to the hotel's spa facilities.
Funding barometer: As few as 26 guests


Imagine being in the middle of the ocean where you can literally walk down into the crystal  clear tropical sea from your bedroom to enjoy the peaceful waters and tranquility of the Indian Ocean. Our exclusive deal with all-inclusive 5-star Centara Hotels and Resorts will give you this out of this world experience like none other on your own island. 
Funding barometer: As few as 53 guests


Make your date in two distinct cities in Japan - Tokyo and Kyoto - and visiting Mount Fuji among others along the way. Discover what hospitality truly means in a country that delivers perfection in every way in its service industry, and experience this unique culture that you have heard and seen so much about.
Funding barometer: As few as 39 guests


One of the most popular honeymoon escapades for North Americans in the middle of the South Pacific - a place that is almost untouched by modernity with pristine beaches and turquoise ocean. This all-inclusive package will definitely give you all the bragging rights after you return to civilization.
Funding barometer: As few as 46 guests

Israel & The Dead Sea

Enjoy an ultra-deluxe trip to Israel and The Dead Sea with stays in suites and private arrangements for two. See the most sacred Biblical sites that were mentioned in ancients texts since the beginning of time. Float on the Dead Sea.
Funding barometer: As few as 69 guests


This will be your perfect journey to see the highlights of China in one memorable trip! Visit breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Beijing and Xi An including the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum. And not forgetting the visit to watch Pandas at play. Cruise along the famous Yangtze River before arriving at the cosmopolitan Shanghai. Over 5,000 years or history for your honeymoon is never so good!
Funding barometer: As few as 46 guests


Cruise along the Seine River that brings you right next to the Eiffel Tower with all-inclusive arrangements onboard the hip and luxurious cruise ship operated by Uniworld. Visit quaint villages and towns by the river north of France and return to Paris. Yes, Paris is indeed for lovers!
Funding barometer: As few as 46 guests


Visit the two most popular cities in the land of smiles for your honeymoon - Bangkok and Phuket. Get your exclusive welcome with our special arrangement with the hotel in Bangkok - a private suite plus so many extras that will flabbergast you, including in-room massage, special flower petal bed décor,  welcome bottle of wine and more! Then fly to Phuket to enjoy the sun, sea and surf on a beach-front property. Everything will be so extra-ordinary that you will feel like the King and Queen of Siam.
Funding barometer: As few as 35 guests


Enjoy an all-inclusive arrangement onboard the cruise on River Po and the Venice lagoon. This six-day cruise will bring you to many town and villages that include unique shore excursions that will further immerse you into the Italian culture and experiences.
Funding barometer: As few as 19 guests

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Spend your honeymoon in the top all-inclusive property in the Riviera right next to Cancun. It's privacy and out of this world experience is second to none in the Americas.
Funding barometer: As few as 35 guests


COMING SOON!  A great journey out in Africa - inclusive of a cruise on Africa Dream, visits to a wild safari park, Victoria Falls, Johannesburg and a couple of South African countries along the way. This will be a very exclusive high-end honeymoon journey with limited availability that will sell out fast!
Funding barometer: Likely to be as few as 110 guests

Discover how easy it is to setup your honeymoon registry.

Your wedding is the best time to prompt your guests, friends and families to contribute toward your once in a lifetime journey to somewhere exotic and luxurious!
And at a national wedding gift average of $160, you need only 26 guests to pitch in for a trip to Bali with airfares for two included!

Click to view our online brochure about exciting honeymoon destinations to be available very soon!

We are adding more and more honeymoon destinations to cater to your desire for a trip of a lifetime. These are not group arrangements and may be exclusive escapades. If you don't find what we have for you, just ask us and we'll be glad to customize your own honeymoon location.

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About Your Funding Barometer

Funding Barometer is the estimated number of guests, friends or relatives most likely to contribute toward your crowdfunding honeymoon registry campaign at a national average of about $160 per contribution. Your Funding Barometer may vary depending on your specific circumstance and the target audience of potential donor pool. It is the number of guest contributions to likely pay for the honeymoon package for you and your spouse. As a general rule of thumb, you success to fully fund your honeymoon at no cost to you will be greater the more donors you have contacted about your honeymoon registry.

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