Our Honeymoon Programs

We are constantly expanding our inventory of destinations offered to honeymoon couples. We include destinations like Maldives, Fiji, Israel, Japan, China, Bali, Venice, Paris, Thailand, Mexico, and cruises in Europe. The available trip packages are crafted with the utmost consideration in providing couples with the most unique experiences in some of the best exotic honeymoon destinations. And with over two decades of tour planning and operating experiences, we are pretty confident we can do a good job at it.

Check out our current list of honeymoon packages here.

As is, couples can choose from this increasing of list of pre-packaged programs that can include all travel arrangements including international air transportation, accommodation, meals, sightseeing and entertainment, or they can contact us to request for a customized package for their honeymoon crowdfunding.

Because we understand that not all of our offerings may be suitable for everyone, we will make the special effort to provide travel arrangements as you wish based on your budget while still taking advantage of the easy way to crowdfund from your guests, friends and relatives in making your honeymoon a reality—all without taking a cut into your donations.